Sunday, 17 August 2014

How I Make Scrambled Eggs

First, I start with a large pan pre-heated to low. Next, I get the eggs. For a smaller pan, two or three is enough. For a large one, you can do as many as six. Crack those suckers open and pour them into the pan evenly spaced. Don't worry too much about any tiny pieces of eggshell. You won't even notice with the finished product anyways. Wick the goop to an even consistency and turn the pan up to low-med.

Now is your chance to add a little something to the mix, along with the milk of course. Personally, I've used vanilla extract, maple syrup(real), and other more sugary additives with good results. Don't try chocolate milk though, it's nasty! I don't believe in carefully measuring ingredients, just trust your cooking instincts and fee it out.

Wick it even again and let the heat do it's thing. Resist the urge to turn it up. If you do it'll start to burn on the bottom before you see any signs up it on top.

You know what goes good with eggs? Bacon!! I won't go over every minor detail but I will share one secret with you. When dry, the bacon is always a lot harder than when it was on the pan. Therefore you should take it off when it is still fairly soft. Again this is a feeling out/ instinct process and like most things, perfect bacon is all about perfect timing.

So, once your eggs start to get a bit of consistency, you have to start wicking them again to keep the bottom from burning. Do this slowly and in decreasing intervals. Once again it's all about going by instinct.

When the eggs are ready to take off the pan, they should be just starting to dry out, but still fluffy and a little creamy. If you pick them up and they drip, they're still to wet. If there's any crispiness at all, you overdid it. Making mistakes at this stage can be quite frustrating and you're probably going to eat your mistakes anyways.

Now here's how I would serve up my eggs. I'd eat them with bacon, toast, and a nice glass of orange juice. I hope I don't have to tell anyone how to make toast. Orange juice is a better choice than milk because when you get older, your body loses the ability to digest the sugar lactose found in dairy products.

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