Thursday, 10 July 2014

How to Decide on a Favorite Pizza Place

Thinking Pizza?

Of course you are! A hot, delicious pie is sure to please all appetites. But the market is saturated and not all restaurants are up to meet all your needs. Fortunately, there are a few distinguishing factors that can help in your determination of which local spot to order your pizza delivery from.

What goes 'round, comes 'round

Your pizza crust doesn't need to be thick and chewy every time! One night you might be up for a super cheesy personal pizza with crunchy crust. On another occasion you may be ordering for your family and go for a meaty New York style pie with white sauce. No matter your situation, you ought to be able to make different orders with the same results: satisfaction! Make sure that your potential pizzeria offers options for fresh toppings, good ingredients, different types of crusts, and more.

Besides the pizza: what comes into play when placing your order? Variety!

It is important to make sure that your go-to pizza spot has options. At different times, your orders will be geared to different preferences and needs. Whether you are ordering for yourself, your family or relatives, or throwing a pizza party will dictate what you need to bring to the table. So make sure your spot has got all the good side dishes and fixings! Some places offer various starters such as fried hot chicken wings, (cheesy!) bread sticks, or crispy artichoke hearts. Other places may cook up savory and nostalgic Italian entrees. Some will grill hot, juicy subs and sandwiches or fix-up fresh cold cuts, hitting the nail on that sandwich craving's head. Often you will find a Caesar or antipasto salad on a menu, a nice green addition to round out your meal. Order from a restaurant that serves an expansive menu, and you can have the best Italian and comfort foods delivered right to your door.

The perfect first slice

Timing is essential when it comes to your pizza delivery! The alchemy of hot sauce, melty cheese, and fresh ingredients works on a clock. A quick delivery affords your pizza the appropriate time to meld together, but if it takes too long your layers and flavors will lose their steam. Plus, there is no need to get hungry! You want to be able to predict your meal's arrival time. A solid operation will have a consistent flow and steady delivery fleet with a good reputation.

And in that vein: Who's that knocking at the door?

Your pizza delivery guy surely has a sneak peak into your favorite pastime. With insider knowledge on the intimate details of your order, you want to come face to face with a fellow food enthusiast. Make sure your locale has real-deal Italian pie lovers on the line cooking up and carrying out the orders with the same excitement you have when lifting that cardboard lid for the first time.

Make it easy!

You might have a pizza place on speed dial, but it's not always appropriate or possible to make a phone call. Many places these days are thinking about their customers' busy lives and now work with online order forms.

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